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We offer a variety of brands for fine art oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, and gouache paints, canvases, papers, brushes, mediums, varnishes, primers, easels, palettes, drawing pens and pencils, markers, inks, charcoals, drawing & watercolour pads,folio’s, specialty papers,modeling clay,small printing tools & paint. fabric dyes, paint & markers,glass paints,graffiti paint & markers,body art paints, as well as a range for children of all ages! See our product page for more information.

Oil Paints, Mediums, and Varnishes

Winsor & Newton Artists’Oil colour owes its reputation for supreme quality to the careful selection of the very finest pigments

Art Spectrum oil colours include a beautiful and unique range of colours developed for the Australian landscape. These colours provide exciting possibilities for artists worldwide.

Acrylic Paint. Mediums & Varnishes Chromacryl is a high quality and versatile student grade acrylic. The paint is thick and painty with strong colour and excellent covering power.

Atelier Interactive – The most versatile and easy to use acrylic. The unique Interactive formula gives you more creative freedom than any other paint, offering the speed and simplicity of an acrylic with the option of more blending time when you need it Smooth, buttery, professional quality heavy bodied acrylic colours. Matisse Structure is a professional artist acrylic colour for fine art and is commonly acknowledged as the highest quality product of its kind available throughout the world.

Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint

Jo Sonja Artists Colours

Watercolour Paints, Gouache, Mediums, and Varnishes

Art Spectrum Gouache is a resoluble, quick-drying, waterbased colour of excellent opacity with a consistent, velvety finish. Made in the classic tradition, all colours are carefully triple-milled to ensure maximum brilliance and even coating of pigments.

Windsor & Newton watercolours 5ml & 14ml

Holbein watercolour 15ml.

Dedicated to excellence, Holbein, the principal supplier to the world’s oldest professional Water Color market


Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Papers

Colourfix™ Papers are sheets of 300gsm acid free hot pressed watercolour paper, screen printed with Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Primer. With 16 dense, lightfast colours, Colourfix Paper with its fine tooth, offers the watercolourist the opportunity to try different techniques with ease. Using gouache and watercolours, many stunning effects are possible on coloured colourfix

The very best pigments are selected and triple milled at maximum concentration to bring out the finest colour

Schmincke soft pastels contain finest artists pigments in highest concentration using a minimum of binders.

Drawing, Writing, and Inks

We currently, have more coloured pencils in stock New stock just arrived Lyra Coloured pencils


Pads: Drawing, Mixed media, Watercolour & Pastel

Canvas, Canvas boards

Portfolios, Display books


Pigments, Dyes, fabric paint


Kids Art