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Commenced in November 2014 is Australia’s plein aire school

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Dookie Art Attack has been operating since 2007 offering an art retreat environment for many hundreds of students/artists over these years. Now out of need the plein aire school has commenced. Offering a unique opportunity to spend a whole 3 days with one of five of Australia’s master plein aire painters and enhance their skills even further plein aire painting is something artists of all styles, subject matter, and strengths can enjoy.

The outdoors is not only a great classroom for artists of all stylistic interpretations but also for artists of other subject matter. Because painting outdoors requires consummate observational skills and quick, accurate decision making, figure painters who spend time working outdoors often find their understanding of how light affects form—and their ability to more naturally and accurately record it increasing. Regardless of whether you’re exclusively a plein aire painter or one who specializes in several subject matter; an artist following academic practices or one drawn to a looser, more Impressionistic style; an oil painter, watercolourist, etc or someone who just needs to feel light on your face and fresh air in your lungs when you paint, the good news is that in the great outdoors, there’s room for everyone especially in our Australia’s landscape.
With world famous Australian plein aire artists/tutors, we’ll paint and sketch, Australia’s unique and incredible diverse landscape.Five of Australia’s most professional plein aire artists/tutors will instruct you out in the great Australian rural landscape in North East Victoria. You chose one tutor to spend 3 days painting with. Each tutor will have a prior painting schedule worked out with varied painting landscapes eg hills, bush, heritage buildings, townships, animals, vineyards, sunsets, and lots more. There will be time to soak up the local culture, you will be provided with lunch and paint early mornings and for the day as required. Your tutor will organize the day accordingly to the weather. If the weather is not kind to us then there are always options, eg under bridges, verandahs, shade spots or even classrooms if absolutely necessary.

Experience has shown us that plein aire artists are happy to be challenged when the weather is being difficult, they just want to paint and enjoy the experience. The plein aire experience does throw up some challenges on occasions. You will be shown ways to combat these, but this is all part of the fun of Plein Aire painting.

2016 Dates : 

Saturday October 22nd – Wednesday October 26th Arriving Friday 21st if staying

(2,3 & 5 day workshops available)
Tutors are:

Watercolour: Ross Paterson, (3 days or 5 day workshop options)

Watercolour: John Orlando Birt (3 or 5 day workshop options)
Oils: Herman Pekel (3 or 5 day workshop options)

Oils: Bret (Mon) Garling 3/5 day options

Acrylics: Helen Cottle  3 day options only

Botanical Art: David Reynold (3 day workshop, Sat. Sun. Mon.) This will be held in a classroom

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